In old Egypt, there is a tale of a powerful pharaoh named Karbaza, who was believed by the early Egyptians to be a god. During Karbazas life he was said to have been searching for 7 mysterious stone tablets in his quest to construct a device that had the power to change the world. Karbaza never completed this device and over time the legend of the pharaoh Karbaza and his 7 stones has since been forgotten. However, there is one man by the name of Dr. Cornelius Carter that believes he has uncovered new findings about Karbaza and his stones. What did he uncover? No one may ever know since Dr. Carter has recently gone missing inside a pyramid in Abydos, Egypt. The pyramid is dangerous, with low oxygen and an array of traps, there is no guarantee that Dr. Carter is still alive. Luckily a brave team of researchers is up to the task and won’t let this mystery go unsolved any longer. Equipped with 60 minutes of oxygen you must enter the pyramid, complete his mission, and escape. Can you uncover the secrets of Abydos and find the 7 stone tablets? Or will you become the pyramids next victim? (May be challenging for beginning adventurers) 


Classification:    Sector 1 Intern

Job Title:   Area 53 Lab Assistant

Job Responsibilities:   Shadow Area 53 scientists performing their daily duties and learn from our research team how to conduct and document experiments on Extra-Terrestrial beings.

Location:   Moon Base 16

Room Story:              

You are part of a team of scientists working at Area 53, a top secret government facility on moon base 16. Today is a day like any other, filled with classified information and security protocols. However, today is also the day that something goes horribly wrong. Shortly after finishing breakfast the alert sirens sound off and the station goes into lock-down. A hostile genetic experiment has just escaped containment in the Dark Sector, the sector of Area 53 where the most classified projects are kept. Everyone knows when Area 53 goes into lock-down that protocol 0 takes effect, AKA "nuclear sterilization." If you don't want to get sterilized, then you will need to find a way off the moon, fast. Lucky for you there are rumors of a top secret project nearing completion in the Dark Sector that can help do just that, but the lead scientist on the project Dr. Bishop has not been seen since the lock-down took effect. His disappearance may have something to do with the mutant monster that is ravaging Area 53. You will have one hour to complete Dr. Bishop's advanced project, escape, and return to planet Earth. Good luck entering; THE DARK SECTOR!

You are a Search Party trying to locate missing hikers. Due to all the recent snow, you’ve lost the trail. You come across a cabin. No one appears to be home and the door is unlocked. You and your group decide to go inside, suddenly the door locks behind you. As you start looking around, you realize this is no ordinary cabin. This is the cabin of the notorious cannibal, Chuck Ransom. His previous victims have left clues for you that will help you escape and unlock the door. You have one hour before Chuck gets back. Will you find all of the clues in time and survive or will you and your party be Chuck’s next victims?

NOTE: This room contains graphic material, including gore, that may not be suitable for children. Please book accordingly.


Still in development! More information coming as soon as possible!

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Tired of going to a movie and dinner? Looking to change up your date night? Come to one of our escape rooms and then receive a coupon for 20% off your total receipt at Wang Gang. (Excluding alcoholic beverages).

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About us

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The four of us went on a short trip to Branson, Labor Day weekend 2017. We came across a 20 minute escape room game on the Landing. We had so much fun and after we came out, we said we have to do this at home. The next day, we went to this company’s other location and did a one-hour room, we didn’t escape, but we still had no doubts that this is what we needed to do. After several months of research, construction, and fine tuning, we opened our doors officially June 2, 2018. We have just as much fun sharing these experiences with our adventurers as we’ve had doing rooms ourselves. Our hope is to give everyone an experience they will never forget, whether they escape or not. We just want everyone to have FUN!

Our rooms are second generation, which means, more technology, less locks. Book your next exciting adventure with us today!